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Thursday, July 13, 2006

About Groupwork and Pairwork

①About Groupwork

When I was a Jr. high school student, we tried groupwork in Japanese class.
Then, we thought about the feelings of the character.
We made a group but, we don't know how to start the talking, and each one in the group didn't want to be a fa cilitater because we were shy.
With the teacher's help,we could talk with after.

And once,we had no activity between the groupwork because we were accustomed to work in group and tend to speak with one's friends.

Teachers need to control the works each group.

But it wasn't in the class, I attended to the grade assembly.
Our discussion was too hot to decide nothing.
It went around in circles.
It was very good thing,I think, but someone should find compromise and give way.
Then, I think groupwork will goes well.

②About Pairwork

When I pairworked with my friend,our opinion was the same and discussion finished soon.
I asked him the reason why he think so and we spoke.
The relationship between the pair affect to the work greatly.

And there are not various ideas, so it is good in the point of saying one's ideas. They can listen to another ideas and speak oneself's ideas deeply.

So when teachers want to take many point of view in the class,groupwork will suit, I think.
But then, teachers want the students to discuss deeply, pairwork will suit,I think.


  • At 10:07 PM, Blogger The lion said…

    Hello, I'm Lion. I agree to your opinion. Pair work and group work are good opportunity to discuss in the class members deeply. So teachers have to give the students good situation of speaking their opinion. So teacher's work during pair work and group work is very important!


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