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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What are the strengths and weaknesses as English teachers

 In this class, I learned from Mr.M that how teachers think about how to teach English.
And Mr.JH lectured us how to teach another language as sacond language.
We learned easy Spanish from him and we understood how the biginners feel in learning L2.

 The English teachers can speak English, so they can invite guest teacher from other country in the class (for example,ALTs).
They will entertain the students with meeting other culture.
And it can not do in other classes.
Using English,we can touch with people and culture from many other countries.

 In most of the class, the teachers speaks English.
If students can not understand the meanings,they can not follow the class because they do not know what the teacher explain and indicate.
And if there are some students in the class who can understand English explains and indications, other students who can not understand the content of the activities in English will do not want to do activities by theirselves, I think.

 So I think in the important part of the class,it is necessary for the teachers to speak in Japanese briefly.
Even when the teachers speak in English, They must be carefull about the speaking speed and easiness of the listening.


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